IGT Svizzera Italiana
CHF 30.00
Ticino D.O.C.
CHF 26.00
Rosso del Ticino DOC
CHF 22.00
Rosso del Ticino DOC
CHF 35.00


We’ve produced wine in this rich land kissed by the sun and located between the mild hills and the mountains of Canton Ticino since 1981, but the rich history and traditions of our winery date back to ancient times: some of our customs had in fact already been mentioned in old documents from the 19 th century.Agriloro is more than a simple winery. It represents the deep bond between men and nature, which can donate us marvellous and unique fruits. Every day while working we can appreciate the great value of the sunlight, of the air, of our soils and the importance of the action of men, who can let everyone enjoy the products of the earth.

Our Estates